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Have you guys seen this video?! Apparently this guy on YouTube loves seeing what happens to food when he pours molten copper all over it...interesting passion but who am I to judge. Anyway he has finally tested it on a Big Mac and the results are INSANE! First off it take forever for the Big Mac to even react to the molten copper and only seems to burn after a long time. And we put that in our bodies..... And really, what is up with that purple color at the end?
Defiantly rethinking ever eating a Big Mac again. Honestly, if it took that long for it to be effected by MOLTEN COPPER how much extra work does my stomach have to put in?
@coreywriley91 haha a man after my own heart I totally fell into a daze watching all his videos!
I spent way too long watching melted metals being poured onto other things... the antifreeze one was pretty cool though 馃槂馃槂
@nicolejb I have no idea!!! But I watched a few other videos and the apple did not act the same way!
this is insane! do you think it's because all of the preservatives??
I LOVE weird foodie experiments, especially with fast food because it's got so many additives it reacts to differently. Which is kind of gross when you think about it, but also kind of funny?
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