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How To: Sultry Vintage Pin Curls

Because who doesn't love a good vintage hairstyle, right?

One hairstyle that has been around for centuries and won't be going anywhere anytime soon are pin curls. A hairstyle that is equally easy to create and timeless should grace the head of every woman at least once in one's lifetime.
This hairstyle requires little to no heat, some bobby pins and a whole lot of patience. If you're clueless as to how you can get this perfect pin up look, hair pro Gina Schiappacasse from Hairstory has you covered with a step by step tutorial below.
Step One: You can start off with either damp or already dry hair, totally up to you. You don't want your hair too be too damp, but you also don't want it to be too dry -- add a bit of product making sure you distribute it evenly through your hair.
Step Two: Part your hair in sections, starting down the middle. Keep your sections pretty small.
Step Three: Starting with your first section, take your first strand of hair starting at the ends and roll all the way up to the end. During this process, it is best to begin at the top of your head. Make sure you secure the curl with a few bobby pins.
Step Four: Once you have completed your entire head, you have the option of wrapping your hair with a silk scarf. Call it a night and wait for your hair to completely dry overnight if still damp.
Step Five: Once you wake up, remove all bobby pins from your hair. Break the curls apart and use your fingers to gentle rake through your curls. Shake out the curls and brush through to sculpt your finished product.

Would you wear your hair in pin curls?

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@hikaymm you could totally try this with hair clips instead of bobby pins!
My hair is totally too long to try this, but I'm gonna find a way!!!
It recalls a dreamy, slightly bohemian look; blown out my hair is 14" long in front & 17" in the back, but like you said any length can rock this look (even long pixies)!
This is what my hair looks like every morning, once I take my 1" foam rollers out - the longer the hair, the less-tight the curl...
@himaymm I totally agree with @HairConfetti it's definitely doable with pretty much any length of hair.
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