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I Love Lilith from the first time i saw Trinity Seven❤ She can come off as a very strict person However, in spite of her firm attitude, Lillith is also very kind and compassionate! Caring deeply for her student (Arata) and friends. Often times she tends to watch over others and provides guidance to support them so shes like the mom of the group lol but Lilith is amazing and extremely beautiful how could i not pick her for Waifu Wednesday! Hope you guys love Lilith as much as I do❤ @hikaymm @BlackoutZJ
Exactly I understand her methods and that's another why I fell in love with Levi lol @ReaperSteel
@ReaperSteel The Manga is really good each chapter is about 30-45 pages
@ReaperSteel In one of my favorite chapters of the Trinity Seven she said that if she was stripped naked by the end of the school day she would ultimately let Arata look at every knook and cranny of her body but then ultimately failed in the end, but she did say if he was able to catch her without using any of his Magic King powers she'd literally strip to help make it easier for him to catch her
@ReaperSteel She expects everything and that's what makes her the ultimate tease and my number 1 Waifu in my Harem lol
@ReaperSteel Haha shes a ninja you can't get caught lol
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