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A prequel to the Battlestar Galatica series. The show aired on SyFy and lasted one season with 18 episodes. The show was about two families the Graystones and the Adamas living on a planet called Caprica. With the twist of a virtual world, birth of the first sylon and a radical religion that went against the grain. The backdrop of the religious scope were the terror plots and all the actions that are done to prove that there was only one right religion. So basically you had a several plots going on at the same time.   The show did not get to air all 18 episodes on the weekly bases.
This show was great the first two episodes. SyFy did a good job building it up but then it some how became lost some how in my opinion. Like I said you had several plots going at the same time. You had this radical religion and without giving too many spoilers a teenage girl in the middle of it who actually created the concept of sylons and had a teacher at her private school who was not interested in the teenage girl's school work but her activities that she was evolved in after school hours which was programing. You also had families that became rivals and allies at the same time and a woman (Mrs Graystone) that went haywire, her purposes to the show or whatever Story arc they gave her drove me mad lol.  You had people grieving and looking for answers. You had obsession with programing and /or religion. Shifts of power and no real idea who is the bad guy sometimes because at different times you can be sympathetic to either side, character or muddled mess. My rating of this science fiction drama is a 6. Why? Because it was coming off the BSG high one of the best science fiction series created so it had natural buzz. The futuristic scenes were awesome also. The plot became confusing for me at times and too much was going on BUT I will say this some of the sub plots of the show was interesting and that could easily draw a person it just to see how that particular part unfolds. At times the plots were a bit all over BUT I will say the show probably would have played out wonderfully if the show had more time as in another season. Unfortunately the ratings were low and no one was watching and SyFy pulled the plug. 
I wish they would put this back on Netflix so I can give it a run again.
loved this show, hate it was only on season
@photogandy Me too! I think SyFy should have gave it another shot. A lot of these networks like to cancel good stuff and leave crap on.
I actually didn't catch this when it was on :( definitely hope it gets back on Netflix