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With all of the misinformation being tossed around, it gets difficult to tell who really supports the issues that concern you, on the side you favor. helps you figure out who you side with on a wide variety of issues. How do they determine a candidate’s stance? "We thoroughly research the candidates stances and update them if they change during the course of the campaign. We use, and provide a link to, their most recent stated position as their official stance. Each time a candidate changes their stance they receive a lower conviction score for that issue. A candidate with a lower conviction score will not match you as strongly as a candidate who has never changed their stance on that issue." [insert Trump joke here?] Even if you're sure you know who you're voting for, it may surprise you who is more aligned with you on major issues.
haha I love isidewith! I always check it and I am never surprised XD
Hmm...I will take the test now.