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@invinsybll has hosted one before and I'd love to do another!! For all us NAKAMA!! I'm suggesting Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom). For all of those who haven't seen the first season, or are just starting or keeping up with the second season!! Any other suggestions would be awesome too!! This is just mine and like before we can keep each other posted on the vingle chat under the anime chat!! This would be fun to do again! Time that works best for me is 3pm eastern time!! We start with epi 1 at 3 and continue with each episode every half hour!! Or if your eager, like me you can bump ahead a bit just don't spoil anything for any new watching NAKAMA!! Like and post if you'd want to join!! @danse @hikaymm @tbell2 @koifries @tayhar18920 @poojas @aimebolanos Just tagging a few who are usually up and in with this stuff!! Tag anyone else who would be interested you think please NAKAMA!!
I'm already up to date on this, so I'll pass. I'm trying to knock more off my watch list while I have the chance. 😳
@AimeBolanos thanks for the call out and reminder NAKAMA!! I've also been watching Your Lie In April while watching assassination classroom . Laughter n tears, talk about the most intense roller coaster. Too many screens. One dubbed one subbed lol.
Alright we will shoot for Saturday and @tayhar18920 if you join late it's fine I'll plan to do 30 minute intervals but everyone goes at their own so we will all be around the same and there won't be any spoilers whether you or others haven't seen it. I'll name it #assassinationbinge for Everyone who wants to tag and join in on it!!
@LuffyNewman I can try Saturday.. So far looks good to me but I'll have to see. @Kirik @NikolasSatterwh @AimeBolanos @InVinsbyll How does this Sarurday work for you? 😄
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