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I suggest an anime binge party NAKAMA!!
@invinsybll has hosted one before and I'd love to do another!! For all us NAKAMA!! I'm suggesting Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom). For all of those who haven't seen the first season, or are just starting or keeping up with the second season!! Any other suggestions would be awesome too!! This is just mine and like before we can keep each other posted on the vingle chat under the anime chat!! This would be fun to do again! Time that works best for me is 3pm eastern time!! We start with epi 1 at 3 and continue with each episode every half hour!! Or if your eager, like me you can bump ahead a bit just don't spoil anything for any new watching NAKAMA!! Like and post if you'd want to join!! @danse @hikaymm @tbell2 @koifries @tayhar18920 @poojas @aimebolanos Just tagging a few who are usually up and in with this stuff!! Tag anyone else who would be interested you think please NAKAMA!!
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Thanks to everyone who is still watching or joined in on the #assassinationbinge it was fun and I haven't seen those episodes in a little while so for me was a good catch up. As well as seems like others really liked it. I will try to do more of these. Of course the first that I know of was @invinsybll idea but either way I'd love to get ahold of great 11-13 epi animes and do a weekend binge and have a good discussion on the anime talk chat!! The more we do them the more anime will spread and people will understand common "cartoon anime" from our style "anime" so let's work together and help create a movement and support anime in any an all directions. Manga included as well, but kinda hard to direc a writed/creator. Haha. We are strong and proud so let's stand together and fight for anime and not this under rated cartoon ratio. Lessons that dang near every grownup show doesn't even teach, multiple are taught and spread way better through the depth of anime but since it is not "live action" they think it's a joke. We're the new generation so let's chance it all NAKAMA!! We're doing great keep the numbers and support up. All the anime mod and support team thanks!!! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you!! So I hope to help you well in the future!!
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@LuffyNewman Sorry I messed out but awesome that it went well!!! ill try harder to join next time
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I'm so glad it went well! I was unfortunately unable to join in. I am looking forward to the next one and hopefully be able to join in then.
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@hikaymm no prob NAKAMA!! Join in on the next one if you can NAKAMA!! I'll make sure to tag you if you want!! I'll make sure to pick a good one, and always open for suggestions!! @dianes6711 it was fun, and I also hope you can join the next one too, I'll make sure to pick another great one and tag you if you want as well!! Also like I stated before always ope for suggestions!! I have about 100+ to choose from but again suggestions are always welcome!!
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thank you @luffyNewman I would greatly appreciate tagging me for the next one.
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