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One windy day in Seoul, I walk into class to see all eyes were on me. I gave out a blank stare to the teacher and my peers. I was so confused til the teacher, Mrs. Caldwell, Speaks out disappointly, "Jin, Do you have the homework?"
I stop moving as I hear those words. I stutter, "Um-Um, No Maam."
She points at the door with her slender index finger. She says loudly, "Go outside please, I'll talk to you in a minute."
I go outside and wait quietly. She soon walks out behind me as she tells my peers to "be quiet."
"Sweetie, You are a good, A+ student. But lately, You have been slacking off a bit. Sleeping in class, Forhetting homework, Not doing your work. I'm sorry Jin, But I have to give you after school detention. Plus, I have to call your parents."
My eyes start to widen with the thought of getting scolded by my mother and a disciplined punishment from my father. I begged her as I got down to my knees,
"Please! Don't tell my parents!" She grins a look as she starts to write something down on her clipboard. I get heated as I walk back into class. I throw my backpack across the room towards my desk with anger. I sit at my desk as I blow out through my ears.
"Hey~ Hyung, What happened?" My Peer asked me, His name was Park Jimin.
" I have detention after school."
His eyes widen as he gasped loudly, "Dude~ You have detention?! I feel sorry for you."
I look at him with wonder, "Why is that Jimin?"
"Because...That's where all the bad kids go and your goody 2 shoes. Plus, There are like ratchet girls and player boys in there. I heard that the teacher doesn't even pay attention to the students so they all would just ditch."
I chuckle to hear the sound of those words coking his mouth, "Well. I'll see about that."
I walk towards the detention buliding that was literally behind the school. I open the door to see everyone looking at me with dusgusted looks. I go and sit at a desk and wait for instructions. I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder as a voice says,
"Hey You! Your in my seat."
I turn around behind me to eye on a girl who looked so pure and beautiful, But her attitude was not.
I quietly get up and let her sit down. I sit in the back of the class to hear whispering from the front. I wondered what on earth they were saying; Was it about me? The teacher? The other students? Whatever it was...I was nervous to hear.
You look around the room to find him. You look behind you to see him sitting there with a blank expression, "Hey!" You yelled. As soon got his attention, You ask him with a smile, "What's your name?"
He stutters shyly, "Me? My name-name is- is Jin...."
"Cute. I'm (Y/N)."
You see him blush as he looks at the ground. You smile as you turn around to the board.
Meanwhile, When everyone was dead silent doing quiet activities...You pretend to start coughing uncontrollingly. You hear the teacher say,
"Do you need to get some water?"
You nod yes as you say, "Can Jin take me? I might need help pulling back my hair."
"Okay, Just be back in 5 minutes."
You grin towards him as you pull his arm out of the room. You see him looking confused as his voice spoke out, "Why did you pull me out of class?"
You simply say, "Because...Who wants to be in detention when you can have fun outside."
"I guess your right...But hurry up. I don't want to get into more trouble."
You corress his shoulder seductively as you say, "Someone is a good boy...I like that.."
You pull back your hair as you get a drink of water. He pulls your hair in a low ponytail as he says, "Get some water Princess...Your health is important.."
You blush as you stood up. You mess with your hair more as you asked him oddly,
"Who are you calling Princess?"
He smiles shyly as he rubs his neck in utter embarrassment, "You...You are such a high status and I believe your just as beautiful and cool as a Disney Princess...You would be a better Queen then Elsa.."
You smile as you say, "Thank You Jin...No one has every told me something so sweet to the point it gave me butterflies..."
I blush and smile shyly to the sound of her Sweet, Gentle, Kind voice, Telling me how I gave her butterflies...I wanted to tell her how cute she sounded but the Teacher comes out yelling, "Hey Kids! It passed 5 minutes! Want me to give you both Saturday detention?!"
I run inside as I take her hand, "No Thank You!"
She laughs and giggles as she sings out, "EVERYBODY SAY NO!!!!" (If you get it, I love you!)
She sits near me as I sit there with eyes glued to me. I slouch a bit for the rest of those 2 hours...
I walk outside and stand there waiting for my mom til I hear someone scream,
"JIN OPPA!!!! WAIT!!!"
I turn around in relief to see that it was just (Y/N). She looks into my eyes as she asks,
"Hey! What are you doing tomorrow?"
"Umm...Nothing really....I might just play Mario Kart.." I say with flushed cheeks.
"Oh...Can I join you? I was planning to egg someone's house with my friends but...I'm too lazy too..."
I stuttered, "Umm- Um- Su-Sure. That would be nice..."
She seemed to be relief in utter happiness because she squels,
"Yay! Thank you Jin~ See you tomorrow to kick your butt!" She hugs me tightly before running off with her other friends. I see my mom arrive in front of me with weird eyes,
"Who was that girl?"
I muttered under my breath, "My Ideal Type..."
"What was that?" She asked.
"Nothing!" I said. I get into the car as I see her wave goodbye. I looked at the guy next to her who looked awfully mad and jealous...Plus he was really ugly compared to me because I'm handsome...If my Mom and Dad are beautiful people then that means I am too right?
That Night, I thought about (Y/N). She seemed to be on my mind the whole way home. Will I see her tomorrow? What if I loose to her? I can't! I have too do it for Mario!
I look through my closet to find a sexy outfit for tomorrow to impress her...I hope this works...
OMG! Even though I wrote it myself, I still got the feels because he is one of my bias wreckers!!!! I hoped you enjoyed this new series about our lovely Pink Princess!!!!
keep on tagging me its good
"sexy outfit" ...he can wear a trash bag and still look sexy in it 馃槄馃槀 can I be tagged please? /-^
every single time I play that song, my co-workers say yes, while I say no. lol
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