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There are about more than 2 million people living in the U.S that are eligible to vote. About a little more than 50% of American Citizens who are eligible to vote actually do vote. But what about the other half? Can they make a difference? What are your thoughts?...Drop down your comments below (:
Voting does make a difference!! Can you imagine if those other half voted? The could totally change the results of an election!
They can definitely make a difference!
of cource it does? it better!! otherwise we are living under an undercover dictatorship or something other than democricy. if all those people voted. there would have to be a difference.
I definitely understand where the people on the right are coming from. With some of the caucuses being decided by a coin flip, districts being drawn in such a way that certain voters (mainly nonwhite and not wealthy) have less weight in the elections than others, AND the electoral college still in place so if you live in a state where your vote is in the minority it feels very much like it doesn't count.... yeah. I get it. Our system is broken. Very, very, very broken. But choosing not to vote doesn't mean you're choosing not to participate, it means you're ceding a small piece of power that you still have over how the system works. Especially in local elections- the closer to home, the more power you have to make a difference. And more often than not the local politicians rise up. I for one want to make sure that those people are ones I can be proud of.
I'm a huge advocate for voting. Don't complain if you don't vote. Easy and fair enough.