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saitama > Goku
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Yay, First Hater has appeared. <------- I like both. Equally, for different reasons. Yes, I went there too. Shame on me. :P
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watched both and I gotta say this. that comparing one punch to goku is stupid because...........well it is I refuse to accept one is better than the other even if both powers are a little full of bull
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when ever im at my cousins house and they bring up Dbz I just let it happen, but when they're at my house and bring up Goku im like "What? KAKAROT!? F@CK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT SH!T, THIS IS SAITAMA TERRITORY!!"
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I'm waiting until they would make a canon appearance in a manga
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In my opinion its too early to decide. Saitama's powers haven'tbbeen fleshed out enough. It would be like goku having his SSGSS form going up against that pterodactyl creature from EP.1. I believe we will be able to decide more definitively in the future
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