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Here you go @Kpopfangirl15!!! This one was easy for me so thank you lol.

I ship you with........


TOP would immediately fall in love with your weirdness. He would also love your motherly acts like feeding him or worrying about him. He would probably be more patient in the beginning waiting for you to open up to him. Your relationship would spark like wildfire once you both got comfortable with each other. TOP wouldn't feel the need to act special towards you since you're both weird in a way. He would admire that you can sing and dance and would probably make jokes occasionally about forming a sub-group. He would also like to tease you and maybe annoy you at some times but it would all be out of love. Your relationship would also be a playful one and he would enjoy the company spent with you and would cherish every moment like it was his last. He would enjoy just laying with you, with you preferably on top of him, and just talking. You would also be the next big thing he would post on Instagram apart from furniture.
~Nobody is unshippable!!! Don't let that stop you from making a request <3 I hope you guys are enjoying these ^.^
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ok about me i dont talk abt myself because i feel super awkward lol i d k but i think i am a chill funn person i do try to act silly nd make ppl laugh , I am lazy their are so many things i miss out on because of my laziness since i am an adventurous person i try to fight my laziness sometimes i am more outgoing then a Home person but i do have my moments when i wd love to stay at home the whole time. I am a dreamer a believer a positive optimistic hopeful person i dont take stress i forget abt it quickly i sleep it of i forgive ppl too easily lol i am a friendly person nd i love to meet new ppl nd make a lot of friends i love ppl lol i am the oldest in the family but actually the most spoiled one lol nd i dont mind being pampered or spoiled lol nd lastly i try to live my life fully nd happily so i wont have Any regrets in future 😅❤ that was me 4 uu hehes and i think i am shy hehes 😉❤ and i love You my bestie @PrincessUnicorn
I want one. I'm very fun. I'm smile a lot. I love to sing, I do it like 24/7. My call me Chimpmunk because of my checks. I try to be positive most of the time and make everyone happy but sometimes I get in a bad mood but it usually doesn't last long. I love hanging out with my friends. Thanks @PrincessUnicorn your the most awesome person in the world
can u please ship me with someone too? Im about 5'1, im kinda short, not that short (if u get wat i mean)I am Chin (another language in Myanmar) im a girl. im that kind of person when u get to know them, they're quiet but then BAM just crazy. Im more into dancing and just a little bit of singing. I play the violin and a little bit of bass (just vry little) and i will be taking lessons for the piano. i love love love eating food, but i dont gain weight that much. im an outgoing person. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. im very lazy, but when it comes to sport, im very competitive. im average smart and then dumb at the same time. im open-minded. i say anything that comes up to mind. Im very honest and confuse. and i have very bad memory. i get along with boys more than girls (thats normal, rite?) please ship me with anyone.
May you please ship me with someone? I'm very shy when I first meet someone, but when you get to know me I'm very sarcastic and funny. I love music. I play piano and some guitar. I'm a foodie. I love children. I'm chubby. I love anything to do with water. I enjoy helping people when they need it. I'm a quiet person. I love making people smile.
May I be shipped with someone? In real life, I'm known to be 'mysterious' and 'unpredictable.' (my friends always call me that) I'm naturally a quiet person, but I do have my moments of being loud when I have the energy, or when I'm just bored. My life revolves around music, whether it's playing music, composing, singing, rapping, or even dancing! Haha music makes me who I am. I like hanging out with people, but alone time for me is very valuable, as I sometimes don't like talking, for I'd rather observe people interact. I like to cook and clean as well as caring for others. Making people smile, I feel like that's one of my specialties.