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Today i woke in a best mood. Maybe this treatment is actually working. I dont know of how to explain of the joy i feel right now. I saw all the pictures of the campaign you guys are all doing for me.. They are beautiful, especially the words. You all got me and my squad all choked up. 3 things happened to me today which had me over my feet. It got me all cheesy and super ... i mean SUPERRR HAPPYY.

1. I finally got it you guys!!!!!!.

YES!!! I got my tattoo. It was super painful because my body was weak. But i went through it and did it. (i actually liked it in english. sorry if i had u all go crazy to translate)

2. I got my very own First FANART!!!!!!!!

When @Helixx send this to me... i legit fangirl, which got the point that i literally screamed. And i want to specialy thank @jessicaacosta90 for makimg this. Girl this right here, is on my wall. I am happy to see this on my wall from now on. Thank you sooo much love ..

3. Your Cards/Comments/Messages

I can't never forget of how you all supporting me. Of how you all keep a smile in my face, amd help me walk forward. Having you all, including my sister @Jiyongixoxo and My Squad (my squad,, ohhh feels like a dream still) @Helixx @JiyongLeo @lovetop @catchyacrayon @KwonOfAKind by my side. I feel protective and warm.

I love you all!!! I reallyyyy do!!!!

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I'm glad you had such an awesome day! It sounds like you're doing somewhat better but I know this journey isn't over yet for you....YOUR TATTOO LOOKS GREAT OMG! I think you inspired me to maybe get one relating to one of my favorite idols in the future....That fanart touched my heart omg it was amazing! CONTINUE TO STAY STRONG HWAITING!!! 🙆🙆
Awwwehhh that's amazing. UNNI I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR TATTOO😍😍 and always remember we're all here for you through the good and bad things. I'll always be by your side. LOVE YA UNNI FIGHTING 😘😘💖💖💝💝💟💟
We're glad you're happy :) keep smiling love, make due to keep those good days going!
The tat looks great! I ❤️it with the crown at the bottom 😁
I'm so happy you had a good day. Here is to many more.
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