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So we've done Eunkwang and now we have one of BToB's rappers who is Minhyuk. Here are some basic facts you should know.
Bascic Facts:
Name- Lee Min Hyuk
Date of Birth- November 29, 1990
Position- Rapper, Visual, Vocalist
Specialties- Writing and Composing lyrics, rap making, exercising, acrobatics
Fun Facts:

1. He likes to listen to K-Pop and Hip-Hop

2. His goal is for people to think of him when they think about BtoB

3. His ideal type is a girl with a lot of aegyo

4. He is a very caring person

5. He is more popular with younger fans because he looks younger than he actually is

Here is him singing "I will be your melody_Pt.3"!! Even though he is a rapper, his singing skills are awesome!!

Well there you have it, Minhyuk otherwise known as my bias wrecker in BtoB XD!! Next will be Changsub!!!

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oh my god! I thought the leader was amazing till I heard minhyuk. wow! just wow! I can't wait to find out more about the other members of BtoB. 馃槉
Minhyuk is my bias on Btob along with Hyunsik haha
Can I get a tag to please?!! 馃檱馃徎馃檱馃徎馃檱馃徎
MinHyuk is an amazing athlete. For the 40 m dash, he is .01 off the world record.