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ahh.. this might be a spoiler.. .... .... .... you know how Kankuro usually has the purple stuff on his face and is always wearing a hoodie? so I kinda thought the purple stuff was a tattoo he was either born with like Jiraiya-sama or Kiba, or he got it down the line.. fact is I thought it was permanent boy, was I wrong.
(☝️ my face when I uncovered the truth) this what he normally looks like on a day to day basis.
I just finished Naruto and started Shippuden so forgive me if I'm alil late, but.. during this episode he was injured and for some reason the medics started wiping his face.. and the purple stuff started coming off to unveil..
a totally normal dude. as I compare the Kankuro from Naruto to the one in Shippuden I now see that he had different patterns on his face 😁.
same with Kiba πŸ˜… @simplynick (yusss hard work pays off πŸ’ͺ)
No lie, for the longest time I thought his hood and tattoos were literally attached to him until shipudden :'( (YAYE YOU STARTED SHIPUDDEN :') )