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In honor of Baebum Wednesday, I found this video where JB shows his abs featuring Hongbin from VIXX.
Im literally dying, Baby I hope to see you soon in my dreams
Literally me watching the video
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@luna1171 yeah he wanted to make sure he didnt slay all the girls 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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@SusiBosshammer ..Damn.. and I wanted to see his abs. like GOT7 Boys don't show off their abs often.. except for Jackson. .haha.. I know Mark has abs but he's to shy and JB got abs too.. when he is bboying you can see his abs....but these boys don't show it off..too bad..
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@luna1171 Ill just have to live off Jackson's abs
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@SusiBosshammer ..hahaha . right.
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love My JB
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