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I can't get over how much I'm amazed with the compassion in this anime. This could change a whole part of me into the realization of believing in a completely new way!! I will believe in those who've believed in me and with my best I will continue my STRIDE to an important and great destiny!! Anime is life!! Never stop chasing and keep running for your dreams NAKAMA!!
@LuffyNewman I never knew so much emotino could be put into a high five to be honest!!!
@hikaymm it truly is an amazing anime. It started out fun and interesting but I had no idea how inspiring it would truly be. I love the part when they slap hands and the background music kicks in and says "you gotta go" or something like that. Every time my hairs stand on end and I get so pumped and emotionally ecstatic!!
YES!!! God I didn' tknow this was going to be so inspiring of an anime but it really really makes me want to chase after a dream, too!
@hikaymm I seriously thought this exact same thing!! Haha crazy it really motivates me hearing the slap and the little Theme when they high five of "you've got to go" or something similar. Hairs stand on end and I get tears of happiness and such respect!!