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Sorry time: ft yoongis mood...

Notice: I know many of you wont really care but I just had to vent ... I apologize for bringing my personal problems here ...

So let me say this about my self Im really quit and I don't like to bring attention to my self I just like to stay in the shadows and honestly I'm a really patient person especially when it comes to immature people I mostly ignore what they have to say or w.e because I can honestly careless what they think or say about me ...... BUT!!!!!
This particular day the same KIDS they were just more annoying then ever I mean I can handle annoying to an extent but today I swear they drew the last straw I have never wanted to hurt someone so bad in my like until now I was praying to GD to give me the strength ...honestly I just wanted to go home and just cry listen to bts or something to calm my self down they were honestly able to break me and keep in mind I'm a really quit person but today I had never been sooo frustrated I swear the world is testing me!!!
Well now I'm just gonna go back and read fanfics cuz Kpop is life! More like bts if life 😁
GDragon haha @imiebegay14
prayed to god or gdragon? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚