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7 Pictures That Will Be The End Of You!

Not really but yeah LOL Monbebes, Here Is Your Monsta X Daily Dose ^^

Shownu The Hot Robot

Hyungwon The Handsome Dork

Jooheon The Cute Swag Aegyo King

Minhyuk The Bright Chatterbox

Kihyun The Cute But Handsome Shortay

Wonho The Emotionally Sexy One

I.M The Good Looking Maknae

(that actually has a lot of aegyo!)

Monbebes, Who's Your Monsta X Bias??

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Okie dokie 😊 I'll add you on my Monbebe list! @MsLoyalHeart
Shownu!!! :) ♡♡♡♡
The cute but handsome shortay and the good looking aegyo maknae. tag me in Monsta x stuff
okie dockie, you'll be added to my Monbebe list! ^^ @NathashaXavier
Wonho and I.M I can't choose 😭