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I love his character in this drama I aspire to be a carefree and fun as Byung-Hee one day..
And fabulous as well aha
Lee Min-Ki... You stole my heart in the first moments of the drama and you never gave it back. :) You're such a cinnamon roll!!!! MY BABY CINNAMON ROLL
I cried when he died and didn't finish the drama for months. idk how he made such an impact
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like seriously it was love at first sight ByungHee was cool, cute, playful. EVERYTHING!!! I was completely shocked and stunned at that pivotal moment in the show. ByungHee was so important I would have loved him so right our love story would a been in history books.
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@MykelHobbs I'm the same I actually stopped watching it after he died I never finished it my heart broke
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@Jinnyrod3 it's actually a good drama his death was just really hard to get over
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