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So this is a fun collab between me and @MrsBangYongguk and we are taking turns writing parts and introductions and me and her both hope you will love and enjoy the series! This part of the prologue is about Daehyun and Taehyung. She (MrsBangYongguk) will write about Taemin and Kai! Half of the credit belongs to her: @MrsBangYongguk
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Just relax, Lay back, and let Taehyung tell you his backstory!

One day in Busan, On June 28, 1993. A baby was born, His name was Jung Daehyun. When Daehyun was only about 2 years old, After 7 months of preparment, My father had cheated on my mother with a woman who was 10 years younger than him. He was 35, She was 26. My mom filed a divorce 2 months before I was born. My father was never really in my life, Daehyun was more of a dad then he was. When I was about 5 and he was 7, My mom got really sick. She couldn't move, She would have strokes then and there, She occasionally would not eat. She would try to make food for us but Daehyun did it himself. He was really mature for his age, He would buy legal prescription drugs for her, He would steal food for her. He did everything he could for her just too make her happy and to see her beautiful smile again. I remember I would play with my toys and hear the suffering pain my brother was going through. He would hold onto my mother's hand with tears rolling down his hot cheeks. "Mama~ Please Stay With Me! I don't want you to leave me here! Taehyunggie~ Feels the same way! I love you too much mother, I'm not ready to let you go!"
She touches his cheek with a smile on her face, "Daehyun~ I love you and your brother so much but God is telling me it's my time soon. I believe you two will become something special someday."
She wipes his tears away as she says, "Now Daehyunnie~ Let Mommy rest."
He nods with red eyes before running into his room. He shuts the door hard but I walk in behind him asking with a cute voice, "What's wong bwuhther?"
He pushes me out of the room as he yells, "Go Away Taehyung!"
I frown to hear those words as I walk towards the front door. I look out through the screen door to see a white car pulling up. I get confused to see a mysterious looking figure popping out of the door. He was tall with black hair and a pale face. I could recognize that man anywhere! It was my father! I run towards mom to yell out,
"Mom! Daddy's here!!!!"
I hear a loud yell, "What!?!?!"
Daehyun runs out of his room towards mom. I see Daddy waving at me, "Hi Dad!"
"Hey Kiddo!" He says with a smile on his face. I let him in as he walks towards mom and Daehyun. He opens out his arms, "Hey Son! How has DaeDae been?"
He ignores him as mother starts to talk to him. Daehyun walks outside with utter anger in his blood. He walks towards his car and grabs a stick. He takes the stick and scratches his car. I chuckle to see my dad looking out the window with his mouth open. He runs out to yell, "Jung Daehyun!!!!!!"
Daehyun looks at him as he says, "Yes Sir?"
"Why did you do that to your father's car?"
"I don't have a dad, Sir."
I look at dad to see his reaction. His eyes slowly start to sadden as Daehyun says, "Later Old Man." My dad tears up a bit as he says, "Bye Taehyung~ I'll see you soon. Tell your brother I said goodbye as well."
He rubs my head and leaves into his car. As he zooms off into the distance, I run inside to see Daehyun talking to Mommy.
"Mother, Why do we have to go to dad?"
"You'll understand when your older."
She calls me into the room yelling out, "Taehyunggie~"
I run into the room with happiness to hear my mother talk again. She grabs boh of ours hands, Kisses our foreheads as she tells us, "I love you both so much. Just remember I'll always be in your heart. I care about you two." She pauses to look at my brother. "Daehyun, You have to watch put for your little brother. Never leave his side."
She looks at me with serious eyes," Same goes for you Taehyung. Listen to your brother at all times. If he disrespects you, Just let him cool off for a bit."
"Okay Mommy~" I tell her with a smile. But in my head, At the time I thought nothing of it.
It was about 4 months after my mother's birthday. The day was July 17, 2001. I was in school while Daehyun was at home with Mom. I was coloring a picture of a beautiful princess that reminded me of my mom. I was about to take out the Pink Color Crayon. Until, My teacher, Mr. Lee Says, "Taehyung, Your going home. Take your stuff and goodbye."
I smile and become a lot more happier to go home to see my mom. I walk into the office to see my Dad. I smile and jump into his arms as he starts to frown. I could tell he was about to cry. I run out into his car as he slowly walks towards me.
He drives me home without saying anything on the way. I run into the house to see Daehyun holding onto a card as he is bursting into tears. I was so confused to realize what had happened. I felt something touch my shoulder. I look up to see my dad crying his heart out. He tells me and Daehyun, "Boys~ Get in the car please."
We both walk into the car. He starts the engine and drives off. As he was driving I noticed that he had parked in front of a Hospital. I look at Dad with confused eyes,
"What's going on?"
He walks towards a room with fear as Daehyun takes my hand and brings me into the room. I saw my mother laying there on a bed with a oxygen mask covering her face. I start to cry as she whispers, "I all..."
I look at the heart rate monitor to see the lines going straight...My heart drops to the floor to hear the line making out no sound...My mom...She died..In front of her family...Is this reality? Or was I dreaming?
I start to bawl out in tears as I hold onto my mother's cold dead hand, I yell,
"Don't leave me!!!! I love you!!!! I miss you!!! Mommy!!!!!"
Daehyun kisses her forehead with tears rolling down his cheeks. My father holds back the tears as he hugs the both of us. He tries to comfort us but all I could think about was about how much ache can someone take? I had a lot of aching in my heart.
I hold onto Daehyun's hand as we walk towards the casket that trapped my mother. I cry as I set a rose on top. My brother doesn't let a single tear fall away. He just frowns his pain. I felt a sudden embracing touch against my shoulder. I look over my shoulder to see Dad looking down with sadness. His voice sounded like he was choking on air because he breaks out sudden news, "Boys, I know you miss your mother. I do too... I loved her deeply but there is a time that they have to go."
He sighs as he continues, "I'm sorry to say this but...I can't take care of you guys. I have to go into the Military Service and my wife is coming with me. I have to put you two up for adoption."
I cry and hold onto Daehyun to hear, "No!!!! You left my mother! You're not leaving us! Take us with you!!!! I'm not getting seperated from Taehyung!"
My Dad takes us to a adoption place called "Homes for Kids!"
I felt my eyes getting moist and red as I walk into the building. I see a bunch of kids with smiles and laughter, Which made me jealous.
"Okay, I love you two. Please be good to your new parents." He hugs us and slowly walks out as he leaves us here. I tear up to see Daehyun frowning. I ask him,
"What is gonna happen to us?"
He kneals down as he holds my hand, "Look baby brother, If we never see each other again, I just wanna say sorry for not playing with you and paying attention to you. I was taking care of mom the whole time and..." He sniffs as he holds back the tears,
"I love you..." He hugs me tightly before being taken away from me....
I hoped you enjoyed Pt. 1 of the Prologue!!!! Pt. 2 will be posted as soon as it can!! Love you Vingle Fam~
great way to start the day, crying. amazing stories looking forward to more
Dude u guys. Wow it such a good one!! Can't wait till pt 2!^^
this is rlly good&I'm an emotional person lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’•
@yaya12 of course @yaya12 @kekers96 Sorry to make your pretty smiles frown as your eyes shed tears 😞
tbh, I cried during the story😭😒 this is goodπŸ‘ tag me in the next story
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