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Yes, this is your favorite Blue Eyed, Green Eyed, Black girl. Cleaning out my phone so don't mind me. Enjoy the Show. These were only a few from each group or person, they might get individual cards in the future. - Your Favorite K-Pop K-World fandom trainee Elisha aka ENF2. 사랑해 ❤
Vring U Voice Message. they were fricking calling fans!!! they were calling BABYz this is one of the main reason I need to learn Korean like now. and look how cute they are and when Oppa took over the camera I totally fangirled. and of course HimChannie Oppa had to touch.. he has to look at himself every 5 minutes or so.. thems the rules.. LoL smh Oppa had it in a good angle I was happy then they kept moving it. smh
yeah HimChannie Oppa's stretch wasn't gonna last long.. should just give it back to Oppa. Oh but wait Oppa is covering HimChannie Oppa and that is a no.. smh the angle gets messed up again and you can't see my child Zelo ;( *changes angle* now you can't see my JongUp! ;( he notices and asked my baby to move.. why is my child so adorable!? lol
In fact all of B.A.P are adorable!!! YoungJae put his fur ears on the V App logo.. but look at everyone with ears... scroll back up if you have to. APPRECIATE IT!!! All except HimChannie Oppa, I dk why though... smh HimChannie wae!?
Arirang got B.A.P on the Radio!!! You see I had to give major hearts when My Child and Hubby are together ;) Zelo gets his adorableness from our Adorkable YongGuk
DaeHyun don't know how to feel. went through so many emotions lol the last pic is totally the best angle, if only there was something to keep it up there.
I love my boys and if you do as well check em out on the V app. not sponsored just know you'll enjoy them. ^.^ this is as close as some of us can get until we move to Korea.