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OMG ASDFGHJK NO WAY!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! YES YEs! But damn YG taking all the artists away lol better hurry with them comebacks though shizzz
2 years ago·Reply
@twistedPuppy that cause YG is#1 best entertain company in korea. I swear they never leave that spot
2 years ago·Reply
@xroyalreisx wwwwwoooooo I'm YG Stan so I agree
2 years ago·Reply
OH snaps!! Look at YG!!! Can you say perfect combination. 😆😆😆. I absolutely love Crush too, I'm so excited to see what he does.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm a yg stan and this made me so effing happy bc Zion.T should be in yg like he's perfection yg is perfection like oh ma heart and if crush joins I think ima die
2 years ago·Reply