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Well...we had a tie between EXO and Monsta X so I'm doing Exo tomorrow...

- Two will be posted surprise :)

- Voting will start again Sunday, and we'll get through all groups soon don't worry!
“Look at me!” You yell angrily as Kihyun is walking away from you, head hanging low. He stops in his tracks but doesn’t turn to look at you. Fed up with how he’s been acting lately you grab him by the arm. He turns slowly to look at you, though his eyes stray from yours. You drop your hand from his arm, no longer possessing the energy you had before he had arrived at your apartment.
“What more do you want from me?” You ask suddenly whispering in a hoarse voice, “I thought you liked me? I thought you wanted me in your life?”
“I don’t know if I can do this any more,” Kihyun finally looks you in the eyes to find tears had pooled up just above the waterline, “I mean…,” he struggles to speak in full sentences, “I don’t know if I can do this to you any more.”
“W-what do you mean?” You fight back against the tears that are threatening to come.
“What kind of relationship is this?” He throws his hands up gesturing at the two of you, a sharp pain shoots through your chest at this, “I can’t even take you out on a proper date. I can’t see you outside of this damn dorm. Half the time I’m too busy with my schedule to see you and when I’m not you’re too busy going to class or studying,” You realize then why he had been trying to push you away for the last week, “Is this really what you want?” When he is done ranting to you, you grab Kihyun by the hand and lead him back to your couch. Once he’s sitting you look him straight in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes,
“Don’t you think if I was dissatisfied with this relationship I would have said something?” He shrugs at the question, “Look, ever since we met we’ve been best friends, and deep down inside I always knew I wanted that to be more. When you asked me to be your girlfriend I felt like the happiest girl in the world. Everyday that I get to see you, though it may be seldom, it feels like the first time we met. I don’t need to be paraded around to be happy with you Kihyun ‘cause I’m just happy that you’re mine and I’m yours. And honestly…” You pause, getting nervous all of a sudden, “honestly, I think I’m falling in love with you, oppa.” You finish the sentence in a hurry, apprehensive of what he might say.
“You love me?” Kihyun asks you slowly, as if he was rolling the words around in his mouth enjoying the taste, “It’s a shame though…” You look at him suddenly from staring intently at your hands. Hurt is creeping up inside of you and you struggle to keep the tears at bay again.
“W-what’s a shame?” Not really wanting to know the answer but you ask anyway.
“I think I should have been the first one to say it,” you let go of the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding, relieved at his words. He has that gorgeous dimpled smile on his face again as he continues to talk, “But I guess this’ll have to do,” Kihyun grabs both of your hands in his, getting serious again without warning, “I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry if I upset you, I never intended on it.” You cringe outwardly at what a cheese ball he can be sometimes and laugh at the abrupt change in his voice. He looks at you wounded by your laughter, pouting his plump lips at you.
“Sorry, I was just thinking about how cheesy you are,” You smile up at him innocently, “But you’re my cheesy cheese ball.” He giggles at your words and pulls you closer to him. He reaches around your waist, leading you closer to him. Soon, both of your lips are an inch apart but before he moves in to kiss you he says,
“And I will be your cheese ball for as long as you want to keep me around.” You fill the space between you two at that and finally taste what you’ve been waiting for this whole time. Kihyun’s lips respond to yours instantly. He holds you tighter around the waist as he tilts his head slightly to deepen the kiss. You wish you could stay like this forever, you in his arms him in yours, but your room mate shows up then cutting your moment short. Kihyun looks at you disappointed and you respond by caressing the side of his face slowly, looking apologetically at him.
“Sorry, was I interrupting something important?” Your room mate asks with a huge knowing smirk on her face.


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