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Alright, so the girls of Love Live aren't technically a harem (they're just all in love with each other), but since it's Waifu Wednesday and there's enough of them to be a harem, I though I'd just put some cute fanart of all the girls in a card to enjoy. Mostly, @JadaDiemand just reminded me I haven't posted about Love Love in a while~


Art by Jubop
Art by Yuan3
Art by Andch24

Best girl <3 <3 <3

Art by Lilaccu
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you welcome. I knew weren't a harem, but since I have no idea what post for this. I remembered listen to the theme song and decided to post on here. do your very much welcome 😊
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@JadaDiemand yes haha thank you!!# I love their songs ><
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@hikaymm no problem I kinda figured you did, now I love there song kinda hooked
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