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Being a Kpop fan, we know sooo many songs and inside jokes...but...HOW!?

Do you ever come across a song and you just know it cause its so popular? How do we know these things?

For me it's Lovey Dovey by T-ARA

I legit NEVER listen to T-ARA. I don't know HOW I know this song.

When that chorus comes on though I totally know it AND the dance. HOWWWW?!!?!

And back when I wasn't into B2ST (don't worry guys, I've seen the light now!) I also knew the whole chorus and dance to Fiction?!?!?

How do we pick these songs up by osmosis? It's the weirdest thing!

Up and Down by EXID.....and their song gets stuck in my head
THE PENGUIN DANCE OMG GOALS I LITERALLY LIKE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY FEET for me I'm not very much into girl groups but luv by apink is just something I know the dance and chorus to... I would also say before I got into bts I need u was definitely a song I knew without really knowing who they were (don't worry I know them now)
All I can think of is EXID, Up and Down. literally my kpop friends and I would be complaing about annoying that song can get, but the second it turns on we can't stop dancing and singing to it💃💃
I'm not a fan of snsd but I always somehow end up singing lion heart like whaaaaat? cx
This is me with like 95% of Girls Generation songs... I don't ever listen to them but I know so many of their songs!!! Gaaah
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