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Being a Kpop fan, we know sooo many songs and inside jokes...but...HOW!?

Do you ever come across a song and you just know it cause its so popular? How do we know these things?

For me it's Lovey Dovey by T-ARA

I legit NEVER listen to T-ARA. I don't know HOW I know this song.

When that chorus comes on though I totally know it AND the dance. HOWWWW?!!?!

And back when I wasn't into B2ST (don't worry guys, I've seen the light now!) I also knew the whole chorus and dance to Fiction?!?!?

How do we pick these songs up by osmosis? It's the weirdest thing!

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For me it's probably most of Psy's songs 馃槀馃槀 they're just hilarious. favorite is "Daddy" cause it has my queen Ha Ji Won in the video 馃槒
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Definitely "Mama Mia" by Kara. I rarely listen to that song, but thanks to repeatedly watching L. Joe dance to it on Weekly Idol, I have that chorus DOWN.
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sorry sorry by suju nd ring ding dong and shinee World by shinee
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In the past, I would have to say 'Us Now' by VIXX However, when Jokwon's 'Crosswalk' was released, I seemed to know the words perfectly with the tone of the song and I was really surprised because it was - and still kinda is - a new song and it just...hit me! Now it is up there with my top favorites and I still sing it perfectly each time I play it :3
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well in the past it was DBSK "balloons" now its EXO "call me baby"
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