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Amazing fan art for the meeting of Cas and Nick. Do you think Nick would go right after Cas and try to take him down?
When Sam and Dean knock on Monroe's door. I believe that Dean would automatically try to kill Monroe and Sam might try to reason with him, for Nick's sake.
I've never seen this crossover before, but I'm intrigued. I feel like they'd all get along okay though; the Winchesters have grown more open-minded to characters like Monroe, and Nick has always been pretty open-minded. I'd like to see them work a case together...
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@OtakuDemon10 they should totally do this crossover forreal. I am totally all for it and it would be interesting.
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This is a crossover I could see working! Things might be a little hostile or awkward at first, but I think they'd get past it pretty quick and mesh well together.
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@annamolly I think you're right, rocky start but eventually they'd actually make a pretty good team
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