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*spoiler* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I've still seen people posting that baruto will be stronger than naruto. And I have 4 words for that " Six-Paths-Senjutsu downgrade" If you guys have made it to the part where sasuke and naruto nearly die and they are given the powers of the sage of the six paths then you remember when he explains how each son got one strong gene from him but..... ...... he doesn't explain that they are downgraded but they are!! It's exactly like there chakras. The first people born with chakra had more chakra then narutos generation, so many were powerful but as time went on people got weaker due to lower chakra levels and the same thing is with " The Sage of The Six-Paths" sons they could have learned how to properly control it enough for them to complete jutsus that drain more chakra. But since The Sage of The Six-Paths and his brother were the first with chakra they have way more chakra. Examples ( make believes) Sage chakra: 700 Sharingan duration: 7 days Both sons chakra: 500 Sharingan duration : 5 days
Back to Baruto and the Six Paths Senjutsu Now that you have that info. If baruto was to have the Six Paths Senjutsu and.... the nine tails. Also if he were to master the 9 tails he'd come close to naruto but he wouldn't pass him. But...... the 9 tails does take many years to master and if naruto were to give baruto the 9 tails it would probably be because he is near death making baruto already a man maybe near late 30's to early 40's. This is how old baruto would be if naruto were to seal it in him at age 70 but if it is later then baruto would be older. Again, the 9 tails does take long to master, ya the 9 tails might just cooaparate and give baruto his powers but to become stronger and work as one making them even stronger they have to create a bond in which naruto created only by going through so many life dreathning situations and baruto would be on his early 30's to late 40's or maybe older and he wouldn't be doing much even if he was to get the 9 tails earlier. The ninja world is peaceful so their won't be many life threatning situation in which would help them better bond (quicker) So.... ya that's what I think......If you guys think something else then comment or add another card on this subject and tag me in it. Don't forget to like, clip, and check out my page ⬇⤵