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You smile at the director, too afraid to look around the group. All of you know that you just got promoted due to the incidents. You don’t want to see the pity, the disgust, or the hate in their eyes. Just over the directors shoulder you see Junho standing back and smiling in your direction. Did he do this? Ugh, you love him but doesn’t he realize this could make things ten times worse?!?!
As a distraction you glance down at your watch and look back at the director, “Its call time sir.”
“See? Doing her job already and I haven’t even told her what it is yet! Now, the rest of you scurry off and do your jobs.”
Your new job is pretty much the same as your gofer job, except instead of running everywhere for everyone, you only run for the director. Run to get his coffee, his lunch, his dry cleaning; who knew that one person needed so much stuff in one day. When you were required to leave the set, he sent his driver with you. Junho’s comment that morning of “never leave sight” rings through your head. Yes, this had your man’s name written all over it.
You are happy that they haven’t finished filming My House. Most of the guys had ended up with schedule conflicts the previous day; they all left when Junho did. Today was focused on their individual parts which meant they had down time for short periods. You don’t think anyone is shocked when Junho spends his down time in the vicinity of the director. Chansung and Taecyon choose to spend their down time in the area also. You can tell they are doing what they can to support their friend. At one point, you happen to glance over and see Taecyon playing with Junho’s collar. When Chansung notices, he points over at you to which Taecyon just nods. Instinctively you reached for his Buddha necklace. Since it was the only item stolen, from possibly someone here on the set, having it out in open makes you nervous.
Junho notices your actions and gets up to come over. He stands behind you with his hands on your shoulders, gently rubbing them. “I thought we weren’t supposed to be seen together here.”
He leans forward to whisper, “I don’t think it matters anymore. Everyone knows no matter what we do or don’t do.” His breath on your ear sends shivers down your arms and he chuckles. “I do so love your reactions.” He deliberately whispers that against your other ear and kisses your neck for a bonus.
“Ah!” you mini scream and reach behind you to smack him, but he is gone. You can hear his laugh as he makes his way over to the scene for his part. Watching them perform as a group had you fangirling; watching him now, doing his solo has your heart melting. You still can’t believe he wants to be your man, that out of anyone else, he chose you.
The nice thing about working with the director is that you now get to leave when the director does. He isn’t known for sticking around and doing minion work. Therefore, when the last ‘cut’ was yelled for the day, he was out the door and you got to leave with Junho.
When you arrive at the first clothing store, he goes in you, looking through the racks. He starts handing you different pairs of jeans and shorts to try on. You start to complain that they won’t be the right size until you notice that they are exactly your size. You almost make a snide remark to him about buying lots of women clothing since he got your size right; you then remember that he did your laundry, twice. That sneaky little devil, what else had he noticed about you? You are still standing there pondering that thought when he passes you to look at shirts.
“What?” You are confused; you had been in your own little Junho dream world.
He turns that killer grin on you, “What I notice about you … everything.” He turns all nonchalant back to his task of locating shirts to go with the pants. A few minutes later he piles shirts on the pants in your arms and taps the bottom of your chin. “You’ll catch flies.” He wanders off to find a clerk who brings you a changing room key. “I have another errand to run; you’re okay here for a few minutes?” As you nod he kisses you on the cheek, “I’ll be back before you’ve even tried half of those on.”
You roll your eyes at his retreating back only to decide that you rather like the swing in his backyard. The sales lady clears her throat behind you, making you whirl in embarrassment. “Sorry,” you mutter with a bow and quickly scurry after her.
Good to his word, he was back before you finished trying everything on. You’re on your last outfit when his reflection shows up behind you in the mirror. His eyes travel down and then back up. The look of appreciation that meets yours in the mirror is enough to knock you off your feet. After making your heart start fluttering, he simply turns and wanders off to find the clerk.
A few minutes later she hurries up to you, “You can leave on if you like; I just need the price tags.” She steps behind you and snips them off with hidden scissors. She motions to the dressing room, “Everything fit? Everything you like?” At your nod, she sweeps everything up (including your own clothes) and heads to the front of the store. You go in the dressing room, finding that she did leave you your shoes. At the front of the store one clerk is busy snipping price tags and folding the clothes into bags. Another is ringing everything up in the register.
You turn and whisper to him, “Junho, I can’t afford all of those, what are they doing?” At the bottom of the pile you can see something that looks suspiciously like a bra peeking out. “You picked out underwear?” Your face is flaming red as you hide it, what must these sales clerks think?
“We have plans; I was speeding up the process.” He takes your hands away from your face, “They don’t think anything except that a besotted man is buying a wardrobe for the woman he loves.” He pushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your cheek.
You know it’s a sin to not let your man buy you things in Korea but everything? That’s way too much! How do you tell him that without offending him? You start biting your bottom lip as you watch the last pieces make their way into the bag. He takes the bags, tells the ladies thank you, and offers you his arm.
Once he slides behind the wheel you turn in your seat but he has already anticipated the conversation. “No arguments. You wouldn’t need a new wardrobe if it wasn’t for me and our relationship. Consider them a thank you gift.” He takes your hand and kisses it; you love it when he does that. Wait, a thank you gift? If he’s thanking you for the sex, he’s in all kinds of trouble! You aren’t some paid whore! Before you can open your mouth he sighs and shakes his head.
“You are so easy to read Jagi. It isn’t for the sex, although if I haven’t thanked you for that I really should; it is pretty amazing.” You can feel your face flaming as bits and pieces of each time flash through your mind. “That’s one of the things I love about you; so innocent.” Can you just curl up in a ball and hide now? You know he’s complimenting you but it really just feels embarrassing.
“A thank you,” he explains, “for coming into my life. For helping me complete my dreams.”
1. What you now wake up to each morning.
2. Him not letting you out of his sight.
Hahaha "I like the swing in his backyard" I diedddddd
I need me a sugar daddy like him lol
So dreamy... mmm. Sweet dreams tonight, good night.