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My mom cracks me up
She's in love with VIXX. The man above is her bias (Ken is her bias wrecker tho, he be creepin') In fact she just bought her first Kpop album, Beautiful Liar. If I didn't already have Chained Up she would've bought that one too. So I broke the wonderful news of their comeback in April. Her response:"Comeback? Why? Where did they go?" I could not stop laughing for at least three minutes while my brother explained what a comeback was. Ah, she's so excited now :) I can't wait to watch the MV and fangirl with her!
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Whoa~ I'm the opposite. Ken is my bias and Leo is my bias wrecker! :O but your mom is adorable!!
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That's great
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Isn't great to turn your mom into a fangirl?!?! My mom is as big of a fangirl as me. We even went on a road trip from Kentucky to Chicago to see EXO.
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