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LOTD: Bachelorette Party
Ladies, DO NOT FORGET to have yourself the biggest, baddest, most boisterous bachelorette party of your life! If you're going to go broke planning your most perfect wedding, you may as well have a ball with your girlfriends and be like, whatevs!
For this look, I wanted you to feel dolled up without a lot of color, letting your natural skin and hair get all the attention. Therefore, I paired neutrals with this striped sheath dress.
Total Cost: $2,287
Printed crepe dress
Chandelier Crystal Earrings, Almond
Jacqueline suede sandals
Tickle My France-y
Simply Nude Lip Cream
I love the colors on the dress. I was tempted to call it a maxi dress when it's actually a crepe dress.
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I think you could get away with calling this a maxi dress @MyAffairWith Crepe is such an easy fabric to wear. Glad you love the colors--I think they look great together
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@marshalledgar cool! And yes, I agree. They do look good together. ^_^
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The nail lacquer is so pretty
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I love love that lacquer too @humairaa
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