I was scrolling down my news feed just a couple minutes ago and I found this!!!
Holy Shiettt!
Like are you excited or are you excited? I know I am like bruh! this give me all of the more reason to join YG . Like my favorite artist in the world joined my favorite music company!!!
like think of all the collaborations that will come from this!!!! Zion.t x Taeyang!????? Zion.t x Lee hi !!! 2ne1 x Zion.t !!!? omg like so many possibilities!!!
But im sad cause What about Crush? nuuu~~ my ship!!! I can't wait for the future !!!! Are you happy about the transition or nah?
@Jasminep96. same!~ I would just love it
I know exactly how you feel. Haha. And yeah, I'm super excited, just sad about "crushed tea" their bond was so strong and I loved them together. Hahah. And I know that Zion T is doing what's best for him and I'm excited for what is to come from him as well! I'll still support them all, but Crush and Dean joining him would be great as well because they're amazing too!