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Based in Utah, elopement and wedding photographer, India Earl, takes some of the most authentic, boho and nuanced photographs you will ever see. You can thank her for making everyday hair absolutely sexy!
Now, in order for this fuss-free hairstyle--that's been taking over the runways--to be chic, you've got to have s sleek, subtle makeup vibe and a hearty personality to pull this off (so that you don't look haggard or unwashed).
Claire Marshall is an LA makeup artist and beauty vlogger with way too many followers not to take seriously! This girl can help you get your looks together in a snap.
Follow her YT tutorial to get that everyday hairstyle. Of course, as with any tutorial, use your best judgement and make any necessary adjustments you think you need to make because only you know your own hair!
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Ahhhh! I literally watch and rewatch Claire's videos daily. She has been my favorite youtuber for years. This was one of my favorite hair vids of hers. Great card!
always just do what works for you @turtleyturtles that's the best plan of action
In all honesty, this is too much work for me. Lol. I only do extra work to my hair on special occasions. I'm lucky if I even remember to spray my leave in conditioner before I let it dry! I have really thin hair, so styling it tends to be a waste, unless I put WAY too much product in it, and I can't afford to do that everyday. It always falls flat in just a couple of hours. I'm not unhappy with my hair, as is, although I do wish it was easier to style. Every time I trim it, it feels like her hair looks, and that's good enough for me! Lol!
Yessir!!! She is hands down my favorite and I stalk her Instagram lol
I had no idea you followed her on YT @jordanhamilton you and I think alike!
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