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Yes, this is your favorite Blue Eyed, Green Eyed, Black girl. Cleaning out my phone so don't mind me. Enjoy the Show. These were only a few from each group or person, they might get individual cards in the future. - Your Favorite K-Pop K-World fandom trainee Elisha aka ENF2. 사랑해 ❤
I recall posting this pic of our Hyukkie , but its still in my phone. I could be mistaken and might not have posted it before. Too lazy to check thought. so enjoy My Cute Nose Baby. ❤❤
VIXX Game Battle We're missing Leo. (I) think he's the most competitive so that changes the atmosphere to me.
Hyukkie wants a chance to.. LoL Hawaii? got jokes too. I nominate Hyukkie as host cuz he didn't get the wardrobe memo. Moorim really made me like/notice Hongbin more. anyone else in the same boat? I loved Wang ChiAng and only wanted him to be happy. I barely paid attention to Hongbin before that... he was like litteraly last in line on my VIXX list. The power of schedules and outside activities. (Look at that jawline in that last pic though. ugh LIFE )
Hyukkie we didn't pay to see your back! we didn't pay either but still be a good host we want to see too!!!
My dysfunction family.. you gotta love em. STARLIGHT know what I'm talking about. lol