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We've all heard about it.

"True love."

"Love at first sight."

"The One."

Do we really have that other half that is perfect for us out there? Is it our destiny?!

Personally, I think we're looking at "the one" in the wrong way.

Finding someone who is perfect for you doesn't mean you need to be knocked off your feet the first time you see them. It could be someone you've known for a long time, someone you didn't originally think of romantically.
Also, I don't think there is the ONE as in only one person on earth that is right for you. Out of 7 billion, I'm pretty sure there is more than one person who you could live out your life happily with :)

What do you think? Is there such a thing as one true love!?

I think are multiple people that you can be happy with out there. But there's only "one" that just so happens to fit at the right time.
no comment !!馃槒 because sooner or later "the one " end up leaving u
I believe that there is "the one" that's destined for everyone. It's that someone that you will love with heart and soul, whether you end up together or not.
I think sometimes, "The One" could be the right thing, but just the wrong time. I agree with @nicolejb @mchlyang too. The One will be able to deal with every aspect of you, even the bad or annoying.
relationships are work...the "one" is the person who wants to work with you to make the union successful. success of a relationship is defined by the couple's idea of what their relationship means to them. just my 2 cents
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