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Yeah. This is the one. The cake that brought me to tears. And I'm not even lying.
You simply have to understand something: I have seen millions of cakes--amazing cakes! So it can be easy to think sometimes that once you've seen one, you've seen them all. And I'm sure that that's true for the cynical types out there. For me, my quest is always about finding new ways of doing something. It's about inventive techniques, unexpected choices, that sort of thing.
So...when I encountered this heart-stopping cake, designed by Rachael Teufel, of Intricate Icings in Colorado, I had to catch myself because my eyes flooded with tears. I had to literally hold my breath a second because I was going to lose my mind, and there wasn't a kleenex within reach.
Now, I've seen all kinds of geode style cakes. The concept is hardly new, though, it's not everyday that you see one. I also admit that I am a FOND LOVER of white on white, plain rolled fondant cakes. (More on why, later.) This cake takes my fondness and merges it with the most fascinating and dynamic approach to the geode cake genre that I have EVER SEEN! Like, ever!
In fact, the last time that I had such a dramatic, almost unnerving experience, was when I was first confronted with Andy Warhol's 'Gun,' 1981. It was, at the time for me, a revelation. And that is what I felt when I saw Teufel's Geode cake.

What are your thoughts?

There's actually a tutorial on how to RECREATE THIS EXACT GEODE CAKE @atmi
So glad you all approve of this geode cake! @jordanhamilton @Tiffanywallace @turtleyturtles This looks like it could actually be the real thing
I love amethyst and that's exactly what it looks like. Beautiful.
what a coincidence, I had read about making homemade geode eggs in pinterest 2 days ago, and then, I read this card. wow..purple geode cake.. love it
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