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Hey everybody! My friends and I were tagged in a card called "Ask a Korean" by @kpopandkimchi and got inspired to make cards of our own. If you have any questions about being a Latina, Afro-Latina, or the culture in general, comment below.
The questions I always get: Are you black or Latino? Cause you can't be both. Is that a weave? Can you speak Spanish? Aren't you suppose to be light skin?
PLEASE be respectful or your comment will be deleted. Otherwise, ask any questions or share your curiosities in the comments below!
Tagging my girls and anyone else that's interested @amobigbang @kpopandkimchi @LAVONYORK @alywoah @SofiaFifi @hikaymm @PassTheSuga
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@alywoah yup! I get the more "not black enough" but that also goes with my attitude too, I'm not "Down enough" whatever the hell that means. I use to always be called an oreo, I wrote a whole card about that stuff.
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@alywoah yasss! I wasn't Latin enough cuz I'm not fluent in Spanish or I wasn't light skinned. I wasn't black enough cuz my hair was too long or I had "white ppl hair". Really to all those ppl who wanted to place Mr in a box growing up I just told them to kiss mi culo! lol or sometimes my cousins and I did have to lay them paws in individuals who wanted to act atupid.
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@alywoah Yes. I get the not Latina enough thing all the time.
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@alywoah yeah sometimes feel more latino than black.
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At school I'm seen as more of a latina
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