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Tuturu! From Steins;Gate, Lab member 002 of the Future Gadget Laboratory, Mayuri Shiina!
Mayuri is a childhood friend of Okabe Rintarou, or Okarin as she likes to call him. She's not the smartest girl on the block but she is without a doubt the of the prettiest one! She's somewhat childish and naive for how old she is but does have her share of helpful advise.
She also works part time at May Queen Nyan-Nyan, with that money she buys the bananas for Okarins experiments. At work she also goes by the name Mayushii NyanNyan! She refers to herself by this name outside of work as well and I just love it!!!!! You can't tell me you wouldn't want her hand you a DR Pepper every day!!
I will never get tired of hearing her say Tuturuu! She is the pinical of kawaii!!!! If you don't love her them you must not be able to see right! But thanks for checking out the card anyway!
Thanks for checking out my card! And if you haven't had the pleasure to watch Steins Gate yet then YOU'RE OUT OF YOU'RE MIND! Go watch it now! I Loved every second of it! But that's all for my WW. Don't forget to make yours and tag @hikaymm so they make the collection!!! See you next week!