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so my best friends younger brother broke his arm so we went to the emergency room its a spiral break its pretty bad. but the way my family reacted was to yell and hit me because I wasnt home. im the babysitter I watch my niece when my sister is at work well she was home and left with my niece they were gone. so I was home just with my best friend alone and I leave to the hospital with her. and I messaged my sister telling her I left. well she freaks out because she needs her sleep so I have to watch my niece every night sometimes till 3 am when shes fussy. she messages me telling me I have to get home asap because she needs her sleep. I walk in the door and my mom hits me and tells me never to leave her again. -_- you know sometimes I wish I could run away maybe go to korea or somewhere just as far and never come back. if I never started to watch kdramas and listen to kpop Im pretty sure I would be so depressed right its hard thank you Asia I love you sorry sorry for this rant
@RebeccaLondon that must be hard. yea im happy it came into my life when it did.
I can totally understand. I work a very stressful job caring for the elderly with dementia. The only way my mind can unwind is listening to kpop and watching my dramas. I feel I'd go insane without it.