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Okay.. So those of you who are caught up on the manga, I have 2 questions..
Question number 1: What do you think of Marco's whereabouts? Dead? Alive? Leading a new crew of Whitebeard followers? Is he hiding out with Shanks or some other safe place?!
Question number 2: Who's voice does Luffy recognize??! It's Jenbi right?! We can only hope it's Jenbi! We've been waiting "two years" for Jenbi to fulfill his promise of joining the Straw Hat Crew.... Who else's voice could it be? In a perfect world, it would be Sabo-kun but he said his goodbyes and is on his way back to Dragon with the details of what went down on Dressrosa. My first thought was Jenbi though.... Thoughts?! (:
Ha... Good call on it being the whale. You're probably right.
I think Marco probably is with shanks and I know the voice is the whale since he has that same power as the gold roger