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Yes, we do have some strange sports that are played. Here is some of there stories.. ::law and order sound::
Soccer played in the plastic bouncy ball. Yes, I remember seeing this plastic ball on an infomercial.
Damn! He was owned! What the hell is this? And how did this even come about!
I don't even think he was sorry about that, do ducks given!
She did not even try Oh Mariah! And those shoes! You know you were supposed to throw the first pitch, right?
That kid totally just hit puberty right at that moment! I can't lmfao, ctfu.. I done XD
And who is came up with is crazy! I'm just thinking about athlete's foot
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The kid's facial expression = priceless.
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I want to give that plastic ball soccer thing a shot
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@shannonl5 I was a bunch more of Wtf sports lol. You would not believe the kind of sports that are played across the world
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@LAVONYORK lol I'm prepared to be confused XD
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