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All girls knows my pain!!!!
My head is like "Bang Bang Bang"...not the song... but the pain!!!
All I want to do is lay down...
With Flu.... is just at wrost possible way!!!
Even Taeyang's hair style in this can't cheers me up!!! ok maybe a little... I just enjoy his Sushi rolls...
Taking the flu medicine... just make me act slow and dizzy.
And at work... this is who I am with the smiley face...(((↥↥↥↥but that is what I was thinking in my head)))
Girl is pain!!!!...Pain!!!!
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*sends you good white blood cells* fighting! ❤❤❤
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Awe get better soon
2 years ago·Reply
aww I hope you feel better
2 years ago·Reply
Feel better soon!!
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