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Hey guys it's YO SMUT EXPERT (yes I'm keeping that name forever, since jess called me that and someone else agreed lol) okay so you see that person right there that my Unnie (older sister) me and her weren't that close before we hardly talk only argued constantly. seriously every night over and over. we Couldn't confined in each other much it's suck. me and her don't have much of an age difference. I was born when she was only 3. so I felt like I took away her spot light as a baby. but that why we argue so much back than we shared the same room. we went to school together we saw each other every single minute. we didn't have much I'm common. we never bothered to really get to know much about one another. we want to be away from each other.


me and her got closer. it started off like this. One night I was watching a kdrama on Netflix on my xbox. she had just gotten to the room. I usually would change it and watch it later because she didn't like reading stuff. (like anime she not fond but I was really into this Kdrama so I beg her to let it the episode finish. Surprisingly she said okay, I had told her it was almost finish but it wasn't lol it had barely started. next thing you know. she started asking me questions like "why are they doing that to her?" "why does that card even mean?" "why does everyone listen to him?" "who are those four guys" "who the guy with the curly hair?" "who doing that to her?" "what even going on?" "who is that new guy?" "why is that happening to her?" "do you think it's him who causing all that stuff to happen to her" "omg why is he being mean! to her if he likes her!" as you can see through out the episode's And as they came to an end her questions showed she was interested in it. we had ended up watcing like a couple of episodes before turning it off. I turn to look at her and ask her does she want to watch the other episode tomorrow so i could wait for her to watch it. she shrugged her shoulder and said she doesn't care. (denying the fact that she did want to watch it) The next day I watched one episode but stop because I had a feeling she really wanted to watch it too. later that day she came home from work and I asked her if she wanted to know what had happened. I told her what happen and that i stop there because I wasnt sure she wanted to watch it with me. she act like she didn't really care but she did. we continue watching that night and the next day she came home and told me she couldn't stop thinking about it. and told me we had to watch it now so we did. we started getting closer from that moment on And thank to that drama Which is CALLED!


We laughed and so hard when we would talk about it when we ate dinner and for once we didn't fight. it both even tried so hard to stay up just to finish and episode but ended up falling asleep. We continue watching drama together every night We watch playful kisses and Boys over flowers the Japanese version. but we weren't that close still. we still didn't show our true self to each other.
THAN BOOM! I showed her bigbang bangbangbang and went from there. she got hook she fell for TOP who to her look like a vampire. Than it was Daesung she said his hair was annoying her but she could help but want to grab it and tie it in a ponytail. she than went back to TOP. she soon learned what a bias wreck was When GD started creeping up on her. After that I show her got7 and BOOM! she fell for Jackson body. lol she was hook to those to groups after them I was listening to a Song by vixx LR beautiful liar I was barely getting into vixx and she walk in an was watching it with me. we playful argued for Ravi then Leo. haha after that I show her variety show and behind the scene and video of the group being dorks the first show I should her was Weekly idol. she fell for Jackson there. that moment I first ask her. What do you think of boyxboy she said she doesn't mind when Jackson and mark were holding each other we both fangirled so hard it was funny.
one day we realize we got so much closer that when ever one of us found out sometime funny or cool about our favorite group or kpop we couldn't wait to tell one another. and one day we were confining in one another and we felt comfortable and of self. and she said "back than I couldn't even talk to you. but now I feel like I can." when I heard those words I felt so happy I wanted to cry. I told her me too and one day she called me her friend and sister and I was so happy to have someone to fangirl with especially a family member we made plans to go to kcon together and eat Korean food and spazz over our bias. she recently even gotten to bts I had show her them a while go but she is just gotten really into them too She Loves suga lol at first it was Namjoon because of the MV dope when he introduced the bts lol then jungkook because he was dress like a policeman. Then she saw suga he kept catching her eyes we watch weekly idol and she spotted him quickly she said why don't they show him more they always skip him DO SOMETHING. it was funny watching her she even has him as a background for her phone. she really liked bts I know this because she said it herself that she usually doesn't remember the other group members only like one or two expect for bigbang she learn then fast but it's the same with BTS she know who jhope(he talks a lot she who rap monster (the camera hug and dimples ) Jimin. jungkook. V (he weird but quiet) Jin. And suga( he so cute he short and look like jack forst) she short and she Loves jack forst. the () are what she said about them lol. she learn them quick. anyways one day we were watching real life and I said to her "i want to changed genders too would you accept me like that."as a joke and she said "yes I've already know this day would come and I expected it sooner." I didn't expect that from her because that was and issues of mine that I had always struggled with about my identity. from that moment on I felt comfortable af with her I talk to her as a Best friend and sister. especially when I was going through a horrible break up she held me one day as I cried she didn't know why I was crying but she still comfort me and I told her how I want to cry so much but I don't want to her to get mad and she said she wouldn't get mad and that that I could always go to her when I feel bad and want to talk. she is the most important person to me and She means the world to me guys! she had always looked out for me and I never noticed. when I was in middle school and being bullied she went to the bully with her friends and told her to fuck off When I was depressed and suicidal she told me to stop and made sure I didn't do it she would ask me to show her my arms. and when I was at the hospital for a while she didn't show it but she really missed me and wanted me home my mom said that she would get sad when looked at my bed. she is honestly the one person In my family that I can be myself with. And I want you guys to meet her she new to vingle it took her awhile to accept the fact that she loves kpop lol she shy at first but she really funny she can be stubborn but it's because she short and short people had short temperatures lol. OH she hates short jokes ROFL she a Disney lover! she can name almost all the Disney character and even the princesses Prince name lol I can't even do that lol.
I made this card because she doesn't know How to use vingle yet but she wants to read fanfic so if you guys can tag her into your fanfic and games and Kpop stuff that would be awesome she a cool friend she a very loyal friend too but people don't know that she kinda hearted but she puts up a tough act lol That why I Love her lol So Please say Hi to her help her out of her shell because I want her to Explore more and I want her to have more kpop friends hehe. so if you guys can Tag her in kpop card and Fanfic @Stephany123 she Really funny and nasty mind like me lol.
that me with tongue sticking out and That her with That cute beauty mark. lol also i wanna thank thoses for taking their time and reading this it's means a lot to me! Sorry this card is Long but She my favorite person in the entire world she my Unnie and my best friend and she also doesn't know how to use Vingle and she shy and I want her to over come That lol. p.s I had clip some cards for her to read but I would really appreciate it if you guys said Hey and tag her in kpop stuff  (♡///♡).   Taglist: The Homies hehe.! @ESwee @CallMeMsDragon  @Helixx @AbbyRamey @KAddict  @Jinislife @XergaB20 @Kiyofugi @KaisPrincess @AmberRelynn @EniorehFrancois @tinafalcon22 @merryjayne13 @LysetteMartinez @OliviaEdwards @KaeliShearer @TaehyungKey @MichelleIbarra @sarahdarwish @PrincessUnicorn @MrsJungHoseok @UnnieCakesAli @reyestiny93 @KaitlynHewitt @Astrohelix @gyapittman @LisetteZapata @DestinaByrd @LemonLassie @marisamusic @Sailynn @luna1171 @StefaniTre @SarahVanDorn @EmilyPeacock  @janessaakemi @HelenaCrawford @LinnyOk @clstap1 @Starbell808 @MaritessSison @MaggieHolm  @AliciaJaneth@ILikeHisFace123  @parktaemi @PatriciaS @Jinnyrod3 @kpopandkimchi @funnelcakeboo @lilbr0wneyes @maricruzmeza12 @tiffany1922 @aiisson @michievip @carrillojuana @ElishaFisher  @MykelHobbs @IsoldaPazo @MomoChamie @JeniseRamos @CheyenneJessee @AmberFranco @lilbr0wneyes @nightshade18 @BridgetJara @Msrayray95 @HerosBells @KarolinaTrevino @Kiyofugi @EmilyCayetano @GodessLuna @Dabaesaplayer @ParkHwaYoung @MarrickeJ33 @resavalencia @JazminePerry @DanaMichelle @AgentVengeance @Sammie99522 @amberg171997 @LizzyRubyCiss  Thunder Fam!! @jessicaacosta90 @KhrystinaLee @ElleHolley @JaiiPanda @ashleyemmert @Isolate @Dianabell @sarabear1021  @Jessicaacosta90 @EliseB  @Lexxsisco @ScarletMermaid @Nadinerzz @narutobandgeek If you wish to be removed (TTATT) or Add (^///^) to the homie tag list, please comment 'tag me' or 'remove me' thank you! sorry if I have you tag twice, Also if I forgot to tag you, just let me know. enjoy, I know I'm not the best with writing, so I apologize for my poor Grammar and punctuation. ~(n_n~) ~(n_n)~ (~n_n)~  
This was so adorable. :) WHOOT WHOOT New Kpop fan >:3
I'm so happy for you two! I too am watching boys over flowers with my mom! We just watched 6&7 last night! I will most definitely tag her in my challenge cards and appreciation cards! Look forward to it @stephany123!
I'm glad you and your sister are close now. the second you said what does that card mean, I knew it was bof 😆 welcome to the vingle family @stephany123
aaaw that's so cute.. Welcome to Vingle @stephany123. .and Yes... Jackson & Mark thats Markson. Foreveeeeer! !..haha..
ooooooooo we gon' get it poppin, we gon' get it poppin *ikon starts to play* Weeellcccoooome to Viiiingle @stephany123 ;D I'm the awesome Jess, the one your sister @twistedpuppy likes the most LOL jk but really welcome to vingle! ^-^
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