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Nothing is more awkward-yet-satisfying than going back to your old dating site account and laughing at all of the dorky and contrived ways you described yourself for the Internet.
When they asked me to describe myself in three words, I'm pretty sure I wrote 'crazy, sexy, cool'. Not that I believe any of this. I just really like TLC.
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and I doo馃槅馃槅
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I still have a dating profile but I've given up. For me as a guy, it's impossible to get a reply. Last year at work there was a three month stretch where I had nothing to do at all. So I was just sending out messages on Okcupid. I sent out almost 300 messages. None of them a copy and paste, or single word messages. Not a single reply. And I wasn't being picky. I was diverse in who I messaged. The only thing that wasn't was the age range. 28-40. So I gave up. I already know that women get a lot of messages, but there's just too much to compete with. I have to compete with the guys in their inbox. The typically good looking guys that are going to get attention first. The bad experiences. The inflated egos. So I froze it. When I'm ready to meet someone, I'll meet someone offline.
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I never used one on principal 234, one is better, if you know what I mean, people are not objects and dating sites objectify them, or something like that, but I know an old man who has a string of relationships though a site badoo or some such, does not give me much positive impression of them, I am more dating should be local and real, love can be where ever but its just fantasy...
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does craigslist count?! hahahaa
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