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Ch. 6 It has been 5 days since we moved to Korea. In those 5 days we rested and did some sight-seeing. I didn't hear from Jin once during the whole 5 days but the other members heard from their guys. "....no I'm not able to be seen in public yet until the company makes a formal announcement about us." I heard Mary say on the phone as she passed by the living room where I was sitting. Guess she was talking to JiYong again. I went back to reading my book, trying to loose myself in it's page and trying not to think about Jin but it didn't work. I don't get it. He said he liked me. Wouldn't he have called or something by now. I know they don't have any major schedules right now because the other guys have been calling and stopping by.... At that moment the other girls came into the apartment with a large load of groceries. "Glo-Unni can you help us?" "Help you with what?" "The members of BTS are coming over for dinner." said Susi as she came in carring more bags. "Oh ok. What do you all have in mind on making?" "Well we were hoping you would be up to making your carne guisada with rice and beans. Oh and flour tortillas." "Are you sure you guys want that?" I ask a little worried. "Well none of us have mastered Korean food yet and your mom did send you that big box full of Mexican spices. We also already bought all the ingredients for you." "Well I'm not asking for our sake but for the guys since they may not have ever tried Mexican food." "Glo, trust in your cooking. The guys are going to love it!!!!" says Sammie Rae as she walks over to me, giving me a side hug. "Ok ok well then I guess I better get started." I walk in the to kitchen to start the dough for the tortillas. Once it was done, I cover it so it could rise and I get started on cutting up the meat. "Do you need any help?" asked Sammie Rae as she and Kristine walk into the kitchen. "You guys know very well that when I cook carne guisada, I don't like any help because I use my family's secret recipe. But you may need to go back to the store and buy about 2 or 3 more packs of the meat because we are feeding 7 guys with very big appetites and this may not be enough." "Ok." They leave and I decide to wait to do the meat until they come back. So I start on the beans instead. While I work in the kitchen, the others are cleaning up the house. I guess they just decided to turn it into a house warming party. 3 1/2 hours later and the food was almost finished. I was just finishing up the last of the tortillas when Susi comes in. "Glo I can finish those. Why don't you go shower and get ready. The guys will be here in 30 min." I agree and head to my room to shower and change. I decide to put on my new black and pink mini dress that I had just bought. I was just finishing up my make-up when the door bell rang. "Hey glad you guys could make it!" said Susi as she opened the door and in walked the guys. "You look amazing." said Taehyung as he walked by her making her blush.
"Wow thi is an amazing place you guys have." said Yoongi. "Thanks." said Mary. "Man it smells amazing in here. What are you guys cooking?" said Jimin. "Glo-unni is the one doing the cooking so you will have to ask her." said Kiara. "Where is she by the way. I don't see her." said Jin as he looked around the room one more time. "Oh she hasn't come down stairs yet." answered Cari. "Here. This is for you guys to welcome you to Seoul." said Hobi as he handed Cari a bottle of white wine. "Oh thank you." she said as she takes it into the kitchen and puts it in the fridge. I decided that it was time to make my appearence and try not to let Jin see how hurt I was that he had not once tried to contact me. "Girls I need you to help me set the table please." I say as I walk down stairs. "Wow....." said Namjoon as soon as he sees me. Jin turns to my direction and his mouth practicully hits the floor. I greet them and walk straight to the kitchen. "Hey Jin......" says Anna softly as she walks up to him. "Why haven't you called Glo?? I gave her number to Jimin to give to you almost 4 days ago." Jin didn't say anything except lower his head. "She's been depressed lately. I wonder if it's because of you." says Susi as she stands beside Anna. I stand in the door way watching them. Even though I couldn't hear them, I know Susi and Anna were giving him the third degree. "Susi. Yoona. I need your help please." I say as I look at Jin. They walk over to me "Look you guys shouldn't do that. He probably has his reasons for not calling." "Sorry unni." they say in unison as we walk into the kitchen. "What was that all about?" asked Namjoon as he and Yoongi walked over to Jin. "Oh nothing. Don't worry about it." "I tell you what it's about." said an irritated Jimin. "Jin-hyung has not called Glo since I gave him her number a few days ago." "Really? Why not Jin?" asked Yoongi. Jin says nothing as he looks at his friends. "Did you change your mind about liking her?" "No, it's not that. I like her very much. It's just that....." "Guys come on!! The foods ready." called Mary. They all came into the dining room. "Wow this looks amazing!!" says an excited Kookie as he sits down. "Did you guys make all this?" asks Hoseok as he takes his place at the table. "No. We told you guys. Glo made all the food by herself." "You made all this by yourself?" asked a very surprised Jin. "Well the recipe to make carne guisada is a family secret so no can be with me when I make it." We all start serving ourselves but the guys are still trying to figure out how to eat it. They just stare at our plates to see how we were eating ours. I started to make tacos so Jin started to follow my lead. As he took his first bite, his eyes widen in amazement. "Oh my god.....Glo this is amazing. The flavor..." he starts to say as he takes another bite. "I'm glad you like it." I say with a smile. "So when do you guys have to report to the company?" "Tomorrow actually." Jimin smiles at how Jin and I are talking and smiling at each other. He turns to Anna who was sitting on his right "You know, you guys live in the same building as a good friend of mine." "Oh really?" asked Anna. "Yeah her name is Morgan. We grew up together." Jimin says with a smile. "Wait. Your friend is a girl?" asked Anna feeling a little spark of jealousy light up. "I see her as a sister. Besides the one who has a big crush on her is Jungkook." "Hyung!!" says Jungkook. Everyone starts to laugh. Anna looks over at Cari since she knew Cari liked Kookie but Cari looked at Anna and gave her a 'It's ok.' smile. "Well Jimin you are welcome to invite her. There is plenty of food." I say as I get up to get more tea. Cari and Anna both follow me. "Cari, I thought you and Jungkook were you know talking. What happened?" asked a worried Anna. "We both agreed to be friends. I want to keep my options open in case I meet one of my biases." We both laugh softly at our friend. About 15 min. later and the doorbell rings. Jimin gets up and answers the door and returns with a girl. She was about 163 cm and beautiful. She had long dark hair that was colored red at the ends. "Hi it's nice to meet you. My name is Morgan." The guys get up to hug her one by one except Kookie who just smiles awkwardly at her. The rest of the night passes rather smoothly. It was around 11pm when everyone decided to call it a night. "Well I'll see you tomorrow ok." Jin says to me with a smile. I smile back and nod my head. Well today wasn't soo bad and I got to see Jin.
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