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It is officially St. Patrick's Day, and what kind of person would I be if I didn't write some sort of St. Paddy's-themed card today?

Meet six-month-old Rockwell, the son of art director Alan Lawrence - known today as a pretty naughty leprechaun!

With the help of his wife's epic costuming skills, Alan was able to create a festive and hilarious photo series - where his tiny leprechaun is clearly up to no good!

Here he is turning the family dog into a festive shade of kelly green. Bad, leprechaun, bad!

Whoops! I hope you didn't have any laundry in there.

This leprechaun might be more sinister than I thought!

Even Dad's jogging shoes could use a nice big buckle.

Hey, how'd he get that high up there?!

Which one's your favorite, and what are YOU doing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day today?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more adorable pictures of Rockwell, visit Alan's official Dad Blog.
this is so cute!
I normally don't like kids but this is adorable. This actually makes me like kids a little more. HE'S SO FRIGGING CUTE!!!!
This is so cute I CANT STAND IT his little standing-ness HES SO LITTLE AND EVIL <3
He painted the dog green lol! That was my favorite! 馃崁馃槃
Hahaha what a cutsie 馃槉馃槂