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So I'm doing this awesome challenge (you should do it too! & tag me!) with @Lexxcisco c and today is Day One!

Bias Blonde!!

So, for day one, you could take this two ways, one: your UB as a blonde, or two: your bias of those who are blonde. So, yeah.

Blonde Siwon

Many of you know that Choi Siwon of Super Junior is my Ultimate Bias. And if you didn't before you do now! Many of these pictures make me chuckle, but all in all I don't think he looks terrible as a blonde.
More!! (Because why not)
The other option is of course, my blonde bias. I've gotta say this was more difficult than I thought it'd be. I ended up choosing:

Min Yoongi! (Suga of BTS)

Suga bb is a sleepy cinnamon roll until you wake him up. :3
And his smile is like the effing sun.