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I'll fuck them all
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@gabbycalzada If you really think that I hate you, then why haven't I blocked you from commenting on the "Friends" card? Or unfriended you? Or reported you for harassment? Or the many other ass-holy things that I could do if I really hated you?
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@ShinigamiSan I don't know but most people hate me so yeah. And harassment? When did that happen
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@gabbycalzada It didn't. If I really hated you, I could say that you constantly messaging/ tagging me in cards me when I didn't want to be was a form of harassment. But, I would be stretching the truth, and would be a total dick if I did that.
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@ShinigamiSan oh so your not a total dick already? How come I didn't know about this? I'm joking don't kill me!!!!!!!!!
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@gabbycalzada 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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