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OKAY THIS IS ME!!!! I was debating on actually doing this because of having to post my pictures but F it lol 😋😊😁🤓 OKAY LETS GET STARTED!!!
Uh about me um damn this is harder then I thought.... -I'm 5'1 1/2 -I like Animal preferably Dogs and cats -Love Dogs lol -anime and manga -Video game. I prefer Online PC games like World of Warcraft and league of legends and stuff like that lol -I Love art. Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artist -favorite colors are Dark blue,dark purple, Green, orange and white. - I like learning new things and different cultures -I like Mondays -Greek mythology is interesting to me -I love to singing and dance and rap a little when I'm alone haha -I get shy when complemented a lot so I tend to hide lol -I speak my mind because I don't give sugar-coat stuff -I like writing and drawing. And reading -I love food and sleep lol -soup and meat is best for me lol -kdrama and snacks are life -I'm known to care for my friends even though I don't show it I'm always looking out for them. -I may seem innocent but I'm pervy minded lol -I crack jokes a lot when I'm with my friends -I like English class. -I don't like exercise but I like running while listening to music -I don't do dress or skirts I hate when people stare at me haha only if it's for a sweet 15. Or wedding -I like fashion and Dreasing up -I like learning about the human mind and body -I hate physical contact lol -I have no expression so I've been told they said I look emotionless when I'm trying to be excited. But that's only depends who I'm with -I was told I flirt with my eyes. Lol -I speak like an adult for my age -I like feeling useful and helpful -I love my family -I'm not girly but I'm not a tomboy -I like all type of music -Eminem my favorite rapper -I love beanies -Random -my teacher thought I was a sweet heart 😈 -I hate being in the center of attention -I act tough but I'm sensitive -I like to bully my friends for fun -I hated being call cute I wanted to look tough. But my friends would laugh at me lol I don't like doing aegyo in front of people I get nervous and shy -I'm loyal very loyal -I'm not clingy -boomshakalaka YUP I LIKE TAKING PICTURES OF MYSELF LOL SHHHH I was tagged in something like this so I thought what hell why not.
few thingssss: @twistedPuppy if I had a dream like that about top I would love it @LemonLassie Press Your Number came on when I was reading your comment @twistedPuppy again...its not necessarily a ship but you seriously look like if Hobie and Sunny from Girls G had a super adorable baby!!
@LemonLassie I'll take it lol you guys are so sweet though (^\\\^) making me die every time I Resurrect
@twistedPuppy just a silent possibility
@LemonLassie @ManduBum I-I-I asdfghjk I can't breathe lol aish
@ManduBum I totally see that. so @twistedPuppy is an offspring of a ship between hobie and sunny
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