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A lot of us have probably struggled with helping our friends or family understand our love for anime, cosplay, and all related things.
Yesterday, I was reading this card by @tayhar18920 and @CloeySuess told me a story in the comments about how her mom made a really funny Fairy Tail reference!!

My mom would NEVER get that kind of reference!!!

I mean, I've never had an issue with my parents disliking anime, though. They were cool about me cosplaying, going to anime conventions, doing anime dances, etc all through high school, and even now they're mildly interested in my cosplaying.

Do your parents "get" anime?

I would Love it so much if my parents ever made anime jokes lol. But alas!! It's not meant to be int his lifetime XD
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My mom hates anime with a passion. 馃槙 We are very opposite
@MerrileeBark Awww :( well as long as she doens't make you stop watching it!!!
@CreeTheOtaku That's awesome!! Props to parents who love anime :) @EmeraKitsune
As a parent I introduced my daughter to anime and NOW my 16 year old and I spend our weekend binge watching animes.
*parents walk in* *sees a guy killing a girl mercilessly* them: What you watching? me: Anime! them:Alright cool, enjoy! *walks out* 馃槀馃槀馃槀